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Frequently Asked Questions

How many rounds are there in TS EAMCET?

Admission will be on the basis of choices filled and score in the exam. The seats in all participating institutes will be offered through centralised counselling of TS EAMCET 2021 in three rounds on the basis of candidates' score in TS EAMCET exam.

What are the prospects of candidates in Biotechnology and IT?

Students will have good prospects if they acquire knowledge of other disciplines too. For software engineers acquiring skills in m management can help them become managers.

Which college to choose for admission ?

Take due care about the reputation of institution and facilities available, as an institution’s reputation matters much during placements. Please go through the article given in the booklet given to you on this issue.

What about Aeronautical and Marine Engineering?

Marine engineering is only offered by Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, in the State. Students can join aeronautical engineering, but it is a tough course. Some private institutions are offering commercial pilot courses.

Can students from Andhra Pradesh studying in other State join Jawahar Knowledge Centres?

Students studying in other state could get transferred to colleges having JKCs. At least five students each among male and women categories from every engineering college will be accommodated in JKC.

Are MS computers students on par with conventional engineering graduates?

There is not much of a difference between MS (Software Engineering) and integrated five year M.Tech, courses. Students of cities are getting better placements due to their communication skills rather than their technical skills.

Which discipline should be taken by those good in either Maths, Physics or Chemistry?

hose good in physics can opt for Biotechnology or Chemical Engineering. Those good in Maths and Physics can opt for Electronics or Chemical Engineering. Those good in Chemistry can opt for Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology or Pharmacy. Anyone can opt for Computer Science.

What is the different between Computer Science and Information Technology?

IT is application and management oriented, while Computer Science is system software oriented. They have a difference of about 5 to 10 subjects.

What are the prospects of Mechanical and Civil Engineering students?

With growth in technology, their prospects are good. They will get challenging jobs if they have two or more combination. Mechanical as well as Electrical Engineering are required to design robots. One can continue in their discipline of interest and explore relevant application in other discipline. Purely Mechanical Engineering gives a management orientation.

What’s the different between Computers Science and computer Science and Systems Engineering (ESSE)?

Computer Science, Information Technology and CSSE have no much of a difference.Sri Vidya Niketan Engineering College, Tirupati alone offers CSSE and is a good course to join.

What are chances for non-local students?

Non-local candidates can be given a maximum of 15 per cent of seats, but it does not mean 15 per cent reservation. Similarly, women students have 30 percent seats but it does not mean 30 per cent reservation. Local candidate can also get the seats meant for non-locals by merit.

There is a confusion about the eligibility of Biolog7y students in B.Tech (Biotech).

As of now the Biology students are not allowed to study B.Tech (Biotech) as per the AICTE norms.

What are the prospects of Homeopathy and Ayurvedic courses?

Alternative medicine is gaining popularity around the world, though there is not much research in to the fields. Even private practice is growing in these fields, but parents should not expect good financial packages.

Can B.Pharmacy graduates go to US and what tests they have to take?

fter getting though GRE and TOFEL students should write NAPLEX test to work in the US. However, B.Pharmacy students passing after 2003 are not eligible to writer NAPLEX test, as passing a five-year course is mandatory, but duration of our B.Pharmacy course is of four year. B.Pharmancy graduates are however, eligible to study MS in the US.

Between Civil and Mechanical Engineering, which is better?

There is no dearth of jobs in either of them. There is a great demand for Civil Engineers because of many infrastructure projects, while Mechanical Engineers, too, continue to be in demand because of industrilisation. There is a chance of integrating information technology in both.

What is the difference between ECE and EEE?

There is more of electronics in ECE than in EEE, in EEE, the stress is on power engineering.

How can one get a list of engineering colleges with accreditation of AICTE?

The list of colleges and programmes that have been accredited is available on

Between a college affiliated to JNTU and a deemed university, which is better?

Through deemed universities have the advantage of preparing their own syllabus, not all the doing well academically. It is better to go in for a university – affiliated college by looking at practical knowledge offered there, research facilities and so on.

What is the different between Aerospace Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering?

They are totally different courses. Aerospace Engineering deals with aspects of space science and technology. Aeronautical Engineering is concerned with aviation and manufacture of aero planes. The Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) provides a lot of information on this area. Browse their website

Is it advisable to go for a dual programme in Birla Institute of Technological Science (BITS)?

Dual programme offered by BITS has got good demand. Moreover, the quality of institution also matter.

In counseling for medical and dental courses an online one?

Dr. NTR-UHS conducts online counseling with the technical support of Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education.

What is the difference between the role of All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and Pharmacy Council of India (PCI)?

ACITE is mainly concerned about infrastructure in the colleges, including pharmacy colleges, whereas PCI prescribes syllabus for pharmacy colleges.

Can one pursue medial education in China?

Even in one gets a medical degree from a Chinese university, one will have to clear a screening test conducted by the MCI. For PG courses, such students become non-locals. Though infrastructure of medical colleges is excellent in China, the main problem will be language. Chinese colleges are training their teachers in English by sending them to Western countries.

How to get a full list of medical colleges in Andhra Pradesh?

Dr.NTR University of Health Science has published a booklet full details of all colleges and seats. Check the university website for details.

Are bio-medical engineering and bioinformatics courses offered in Andhra Pradesh?

These courses are available only for MPC students.

Is it advisable to pursue MBA after doing B.Pharmacy?

It will be an excellent combination, as pharmacy companies look for people who have technical as well as managerial skills.

What specializations are available after doing a Bachelor in Veterinary Science course?

There are 17 specialisations in all Veterinay University conducts its own entrance test for PG courses. In addition institutions like IVRI and ICAR too conduct entrance etests.

What is the difference between B.E and B.Tech Engineering and Technology?

There is no difference, in our state JNTU gives a B.Tech degree and Osmania University gives a

Are there any advantages in selecting Accredited Colleges?

National Board of Accreditation of A.I.C.T.E evaluate and accredits engineering colleges. (There are other bodies too) preference is to be given to the ac credited institutions and accredited branches as the accredited colleges are properly evaluated by a special team of expert administrators and professors.

Which branch should select?

Take guidance based on available resources, your aptitude and attitude. Career proppects for the branch. Parental and environmental preferences. Other constrains such as place, hostel facilities, industry proximity.

Is there a deference between B.Tech(Comp Sc and Engg) and (Information Technology)?

As per J.N.T.U syllabus there is a little difference, say 5-7% but it differs from University to university. But the board goals of both the disciplines are very similar.

What are the future prospects of Computer Science and I.T. graduates?

As simple answer would be good to very good. As per the reports received from the present students in MS programmes of USA, there are very good chances of assistantship, summer jobs and also jobs after Post Graduation. If you look at H and L type visas issued by U.S. Government, half of them are got by Indians!

There are a good number of jobs in India too. The industry is growing at a phenomenal rate, which applies to domestic as well as export market. In India, also there is a great demand for these graduates due to business process outsourcing adapted by American Industry and that of other countries.

There is a misnomer that Information Technology has lost favour with industry. In the Dotcom bust real Engineering graduates have not suffered. Basically arts, science, law and other graduates have suffered because they did not have the abilities for lateral movement due to lack of broad computer science base. Computer Science & Engineering and Information Technology graduates have strong and side base and hence they will continue to be hot favourites in the job market in India and abroad.

Are engineering students eligible for pharmacy course and can they handle the subjects. Which are mostly related to Biology?

They are eligible, Initially, they might fact some difficulty but can adjust over a period of time with some hard work.

Where can I do a course in Telecommunications Engineering?

Electronics and Telecommunication is offered in all the colleges. electronics and Telematics is offered by Narayanamma Institute of Technology. It is very close to E.E.

Is the caste certificate of any other state accepted here?

If the caste of that particular state is figured in the counseling G.O.issued by the State Government, the are accepted. So check with the social welfare officials for further details.

Is it true that only the university affiliation matters and not the college?

University affiliation is necessary for any Engineering degree offered by the private engineering colleges.But industry representatives prefer reputed engineering colleges for campus interviews.

Is campus recruitment a necessary parameter to select a college?

Good campus placements will obviously attract any student and it is definitely one of the important factors that students look for while choosing a college.

The top colleges, which are preferred by students have campus placement cells, which bring industry people to the college for campus interviews.

Which is the best operation a good branch in any college or any branch in a good college?

It depend on what your interest is and how hard working you are. But a good college with good faculty and better infrastructure is always preferable irrespective of the course. However,if a student has a strong desire to study a particular course only, he or she can opt for the course even if it not in the best college. But they have to do some real hard work to fare well.

How different is the syllabus of JNTU from Osmania Univeristy?

JNTU has included advanced subjects like Embedded systems and need based and application oriented subjects in its curriculum. Some subjects have been taken out from first year, which students already study in Intermediate.Osmania University emphasizes on core sciences and lab work.

Is the curriculum of our Engineering colleges and IITs similar. If not what is difference?

The content is slightly different. But another major difference is that IITs stress on industry-institute interaction and it is a part of the curriculu.

If we block an option in our first counseling and we get the desired group in the second counseling, can we change out option?

Yes, students can change their option during second counseling conducted for reservation categories like BCs, SCs and STs and also the NCC, Sports and CAP quota. No additional few would be charged for changing the option.

Are degree from deemed universities like VIT, Vellore and Dhirubai Ambani Institute valid for further studies abroad?

Deemed universities are set up by special Acts and they are recognized on per with any degree issued by recognized university in the country. They are automatically recognized by university abroad.

What do you mean when you say that a course is accredited?

We mean that it has been assessed and accredited by the National Board of Accreditation under the All-India Council of Technical Education. Accreditation is given for courses separately and the college as well. If a college is accredited, it simply means it has good facilities.

I have studied in Mumbai while may parents have been living in Hyderabad for over 40 years. Will I be considered as a local or non-local during counseling?

The local and non-local issued is arrived at taking into consideration the place of study of the student. A student would be considered non-local if the preceding four years of education is not in the local areas. You will be a non-local in Andhra Pradesh.

Can I have details about Paramedical courses?

There are huge opportunities for courses like B.Sc Nursing. Check the previous issues of Education Plus to more details about nursing course and the growing job opportunities for nurses in India and aboard.

What is the difference between Mechanical engineering, production and industrial engineering?

Mechanical is a primary field whereas production and industrial engineering are secondary fields. It is recommended that you go for a primary field.

What is the difference between Computer Science and IT?

As per JNTU syllabus, there is little difference, say five to seven percent. However, it differs from University to university. But the broad goals of both the disciplines are very similar.

What are the prospects of EEE?

There are number of jobs available for electrical engineers in the field of electric power generation, transmission and distribution, besides manufacturing industry involved in production of electrical and electronic parts and many types of switch gear and controls.

What are the future prospects of Biotechnology graduates?

Biotechnology is the application of advance made in the biological sciences, especially involving the science of genetics. It is supposed to be the most happening branch of the new millennium. Job prospects would only grow.

What are the prospects for Bio-medical Engineering?

It’s a very good course. Opportunities are going up in the X-ray and Scan areas.

What are the future prospects of Chemical Engineering and Production Engineering?

Chemical engineers are involved in designing in designing and operating chemical production facilities and manufacturing facilities and manufacturing facilities that use chemicals in their processes, there is nothing like this branch. Job opportunities are plenty in the companies manufacturing petroleum products and synthetic fibres.

what is mechatronics and what are its prospects?

This course with mechanical systems with electronic controls. It is the course for future where the students are exposed not only to conventional mechanical engineering but also electronic and computer controls. The prospects are good in the light of mechanization and robotics coming in big way. Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology (MGIT), Gandipet, offers this course.

Can we switch to EEE or ECE or Mechanical in second year after joining in a different branch in first year?

In JNTU system this change is not permitted.

I want to know more about Bioinformatics.

Bioinformatics is about applying information technology to biotechnology. You can find job opportunities in pharmaceutical laboratories, industrial and experimental studies of crops, government departments and patent offices.

It is necessary o have taken biology in the 11th and 12th standards to take the Biotechnology in college?

No. It is not necessary, unless you want to do agri-biotechnology.

What are the prospects of a job four years down the road for a Biotechnology graduates?

In India, as of now Agri-Bio Technology has a major share (40 percent). The other top fields include Industrial Bio-technology (20 per cent), human bio-technology (20 per cent) and bio-information (20 percent). Agri-bio technology has a lot of prospects abroad, particularly in Germany and the U.S. Germany in indeed catching up.

What are the prospects for a BE Civil graduate and an ME civil graduates?

There are prospects in structural engineering and water resources, as a lot of development are taking place in these fields. As for civil engineering, the prospects are good because several roads are being laid all over the country.

What is Geo-informatics and what are the growth prospects?

It is a study combing earth science and information technology. Placement opportunities are fairly good.

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