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A perfect diet for a successful career

“Many vistas open up for Home Science graduates. They can be dieticians in hospitals, scientists in research institutions, teachers in universities, nutrition experts in international organizations and more.”

Thought science has become an integral part of human life, people still relate to it in the shape of advancement made in the communication technology or human genomes. They tend to forget the first few words that define the word science in Oxford dictionary – a branch of knowledge. The general impression is anything without Physics, Chemistry or Biology is not science and there are no career beyond engineers and doctors. B.Sc (Home Science) is one course that opens up a number of vistas on completion of the course.

But lack of awareness has led to the feeling that the course caters only for cooking, stitching and home making. It is a holistic course aimed at all-round development of women. The course is offered by several colleges in the state including the Acharya N.G.Ranga Agricultural University (ANGRAU) that offers right from certificate course to Ph.D in the subject.

Course structure:

The course structure is designed by the Home Science Association of India no collaboration with University Grants Commission. Apart from having general subjects like languages the course broadly concentrates on three core areas: Human development, food and dietetics and resource management. Further each core subject covers a variety of sub-topics under its domain. Like human development covers topics like psychology, physiology, pre and post-natal development and child welfare, food and nutrition cover subjects like food science, biochemistry, dietetics and food service management. And resource management opens up a wide spectrum of topics like textile science, apparel design, extension education, research and methodology, computer application, resource management, family economics, interior designing and microbiology. Each theory subject is well supported with practical orientation and elective project work.

Gone are the days when a Home Science student was looked upon as a good cook. Today he or she has a world full of options.

Unlike a student with B.Sc.Physics or Computers whose options are limited, a Home Science graduate could try his or her luck in a number of industries like fashion technology, food industry, hospitality industry, NGOs and education sector. Many students got placed in the projects like ICDS and Velugu.

Career options:

The sky is the limit for Home Science graduates. They can choose from careers in Foods & Nutrition, Human Development, family studies, Resource Management, Consumer Sciences and Apparel & Textiles, Graduates can take up jobs as dieticians in hospitals Diet consultants / counselors in lifestyle clinics, freelance dieticians food demonstrators, scientists in research institutions, teaching faculty in universities, project leaders in developmental projects, nutrition experts in international oranisations, consultants for child development programmes, programme officers for child welfare schemes, production managers in apparel industries, quality control inspections, CAD professionals, interior designers and colour consultants.

A degree in Home Science also opens up vistas for self-employment. One could start their on school, crèche, interior design an fashion boutiques or even set up an event management firm. For further studies, the doors are open till Ph.D. apart from attempting all competitive examination like CAT, GMAT, IAS or NIFT.

The college of Home Science at Hyderabad a part of the ANGRAU has excellent facilities to support the courses. It is well equipped with laboratories, library, student advisory system, gym centre, hostel, primary health centre and student placement cell while practical exposure is given through field trips and educational tours. The college guides students is graining fellowship & scholarships.

Here is a list of colleges that offer both degree and post graduate courses.

Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University, Hyderabad.

St.Joseph’s College( only for women), Visakhapatnam

A.S.D.College, Kakinada

St.Theresa College, Eluru.

S.V.University, Tirupati.

Sri Satya Sai Institute of Higher Learning for Women, Anantapur.

Avinashi Lingam University, Coimbatore.

Government college for Women, Guntur.


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