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The magic mantras

Effective habits of a good student

  • I keep regular hours for study, play / recreation and others.
  • I read books- other than the prescribed books.
  • I practice writing in my own words.
  • I take notes while listening – I use mnemonics.
  • I can identify the most important part in a lecture.
  • I have no difficulty in concentrating for the whole hour.
  • I write letters.
  • I read newspapers daily.
  • I listen to radio and understand English Language programmes.
  • I watch news on TV regularly.
  • I am interested in seeking clarification from the teacher by asking questions.
  • I read the text critically, trying to look into the author’s mind.
  • I know my strong points and also weakness.
  • I like working in a team, if group discussion / work helps.
  • I like to work all by myself
  • What I read in a text, I can abstract the basic idea in my own words.
  • I plan the study for the whole year, not just before exams.
  • I take exams as they come, will not be particularly perturbed.
  • I like discussing/lead the discussion in group.

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