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Medical education in China

“And now China-made doctors, Chinese medical education has emerged as a viable alternative for Indian students”.

Made in China the statement made inroads into the Indian mindset, particularly the ambitious Indian middle class From consumer goods to clothes and every possible piece needed for a common man, the brand swept the Indian market. In the last two years, the brand entered into medical education bringing revolutionary changes.

For typical Telugu parents whose dream is to see a stethoscope hanging around the neck of their wards, the invasion of Chinese medical educational has come as boom and has changed the medical education scenario totally. With more them nearly 50 per cent of them from Andhra Pradesh, the medical degree from across the Great wall is in great demand. The education loan blitzkrieg by banks also acted as a catalyst.

The craze for Chinese medical colleges has been growing at an unimaginable pace thanks to the huge gap between demand and supply and also the unaffordable fee structure in the private sector in . While management seats in India cost no less than Rs.40 lakhs in some colleges. a Chinese package comes at Rs.10 lakh to Rs.15 lakh, inclusive of entire course tuition fee, hostel fee and living expenses.

Chinese medical colleges get into prominence since 2004 when the country opened its gates to foreign students after introducing English as the medium of instruction. Now the question is how qualitative it is? “The quality of medical education in China is world class and students need not have any apprehensions, “says S.Jaipal Reddy, Managing Director, St.Joseph’s Consultants Pvt. Ltd. that admits students for nearly 15 Chinese Medical Universities.

According to Mr.Reddy the Chinese Government has allocated two billion dollars for 50 selected Government medical universities as a part of its package to make them best in the world by 2011. “Each university has got nearly 200crore dollars and they are spending it to get best of faculty from across the world and add more facilities to colleges and hospitals. They are already better equipped then most of Indian medial Colleges.”

Agrees V.Rajaram of Medico Abroad that sends aspiring medicos to five medical universities. “The attraction is not just lower fee but the hassle free admission procedures and followed up guidance of students,” he says.

The government of China has opened its medical education to the world very recently so visas are quite easy to come by. The Minister of Internal Affairs gives a JW-20 (similar to I-20 of American Universities) after receiving the admission letter. Unlike the prevalent feeling, students with not less than 60 per cent marks in Intermediate are being admitted by the China Universities.

Most of the consultants who sent students have also set up their own offices to guide the students year-long. They have also tied with Indian hotels there to provide Indian food. “It makes sense as students can concentrate on studies,” Mr. Rajaram says. Parents are constancy informed about their wards, academic records and the life there. Hostels for foreign students are built with three-stat facilities within the campus thus providing safety to them.

Students seeking admission in foreign medical colleges necessarily have to register with the Medical Council of India (MCI) giving details of the University and personal. Without that certificate they would not be allowed to appear for the Screening Test after coming back to India. The test is mandatory for every foreign educated Indian medico to get registered for practice in India.

The most important aspect while choosing the college is to check whether it is in the World Health Organisation (who) list. A through background investigation through friends or through those who have gone there and on the Internet is a must for students and parents. Consultants make it very clear that parents should choose only Government owned institutions. Another important aspect is that students should not shift the college after going there or else they would face disqualification. The Chinese medical degree is different from the Traditional Chinese medical degree and students need to the careful about it also.

Guidelines of Medical Council of India for foreign medical studies by Indian students.

Eligibility Criteria

Any Indian student intending to joint MBBS course in a foreign medical university needs to fulfil the following eligibility criteria.

1. attaining of 17 years age as on December 31 of the applying year.

2. Passing the 10+2 exam or equivalent.

3. Pursued Biology, Physics and Chemistry (Bi.P.C) as group subjects.

4. English as a compulsory subject.

5. Obtaining 50% marks in the aggregate of the Bi.P.C group (40% only for BC/SC/ST category of students).

Procedure prescribed for licencing by MCI:

1.Student must submit an application to MCI in a prescribed format before leaving for studies in a foreign medical university. He will be disclosing the university name and also enclose the relevant education documents (10th, 10+2) and community certificate, if any. The approval of the MCI to pursue the foreign medical degree is sent directly to the student in the form of “Eligibility Certificate”, after due necessary verification on the information and documents enclosed by the students.

2.After the student returns back to India wit the foreign medical degree, he needs to attend to “Screening test”. This test is compulsory and conducted by the National Board of Examinations at the instance of MCI. Only those students who obtained he “Eligibility certificate” will be allowed to sit for the “Screening test”.

3.On clearing the Screening test, the students will be awarded with a provisional registration certificate of Medical Council of India. The clearance of the Screening test by the student will equate his foreign degree with that of MBBS degree in India. For all practical purpose, his foreign medical degree is at par with the Indian MBBS degree.

4. Now, the Indian students who cleared screening test will have to follow similar rules and procedures fixed by MCI for students doing MBBS course in India. There will be a compulsory one year house surgeon term to be completed by either of these students. Only on completion of this house surgeon tern, they will be allotted with permanent registration (Licence) by MCI, which will enable them to practice as a Doctor in India.

Validity of the MBBS course studies abroad.

In India, the MBBS course is four and half year duration excluding the one-year compulsory house surgeon term to be completed by them after obtaining the degree. This in total it is 4.5+1= 5.5 year period to get their license to practice as Doctor in India.

However, in the case of students pursing MBBS from China, duration of study is not specified. MCI considers the following criteria in determining the validity of foreign degree.

a.The undergraduate medical degree being pursued should be equivalent to the MBBS degree in India.

b.The undergraduate degree must have been recognized by the respective Ministry of Education of the provincial or Central Government.

c.The university should have the authentic permission (from Government) to admit the foreign students.

d.The university should have the permission from the concerned Government authorities to teach English medium to the foreign students.

e.The study hours should match with the minimum prescribed international standards in respect of clinical medicine.

f.the Indian student after completion of the foreign medical degree should be eligible to take up a job in the local hospitals, just at par with the local Chinese student. In other words, the degree obtained by Indian students should have been equivalent to the obtained by any Chinese students and in recognition of the same, he should be allowed equal job opportunities.

g.the University name, address and other details, should get listed in the world Directory of Medical Schools of the World Health Organization. If there are any changes in the address or change in the name of details, such information should be intimated to WHO through official channels for appropriate incorporation.

h.the medical degree being pursued should be clinical medicine only. Teaching Traditional medicine or obtaining degree from Traditional Medicine Colleges is not allowed by MCI.

The above criteria needs to be fulfilled so that MCI will consider the foreign medical degree pursed by India students and allow them to sit for “Screening test.”

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