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A top flight career

“ Aeronautical Engineering is one of the most technologically advanced branches of engineering. Hindustan Aeronautical Ltd., the Indian Space Research Organisation, the Indian Air Force and airline companies, R&D labs in the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Civil Aviation have exciting career opportunities.”

Give wings to your ambition, literally. That is what Aeronautical Engineering promises. Though you will not likely be among those, who guide those clouds, you surely will be among those, who guarantee them a safe flight and feel proud when the aircraft touches ground safely.

From 1936,the earliest recorded date of the existence of the machine, till today the industry has seen various developments including the consolidation in the 60s and 70’s,the boom in the late 90s,the Y2K scare ,the bubble burst in the early part of the millennium and finally a stable and ubiquitous field with an ocean of opportunities yes you have guessed it right, we are talking about the IT industry.

Aeronautical Engineering, for which opportunities in India exist with Government agencies such as the Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd., the Indian Space Research Organisation, the Indian Air Force and airline companies, R&D labs in the Ministry of Civil Aviation, is one of the most technologically advanced branches of engineering.

The main thrust in this area is on design and development, which extends even to space and satellite operation as well as maintenance of aircraft and aircraft components. It is an exciting field with scope for growth and job satisfaction, with quite attractive remunerations in store. The basic eligibility is 10 +2 with a high percentage of marks in science subjects and qualifying exam (JEE). To be an Aeronautical Engineering, one should be a BE/ B.Tech in Aeronautics. Those, who have passed the Associate Membership exam conducted by the ASI (Aeronautical Society of India), which is at par with a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineers. It is possible to take a degree in electronics or physics to work in this field and leave more options open.

Institutes like the Indian Institute of Technology in Chennai, Mumbai, Kanpur, Kharagpur and Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh, offer undergraduate courses in the subject, admissions a Joint Entrance Examination(JEE) and May every year along with the entrance for other streams. Postgraduate courses and Doctoral (PhD) programmes are also available.

The Madras Institute of Technology offers a three-year graduate programmer in Aeronautical Engineering for B.Sc. students, subject to their having passed math’s and physics at the graduation stage. The Indian Institute of Science (IIS) , Bangalore, has M.Tech and Ph.D. programmers in Aeronautics.

Associate Membership of the Aeronautical Society of India: The society conducts Associate Membership Examination, sections A and B of which are recognized by the Ministry of Education, at par with a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering from an Indian university. Students passing both the sections are eligible to appear in the GATE or postgraduate studies at IITs.

Candidates, who have passes Associate Membership Examination of the society are eligible for relaxation of 12 months experience requirements for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s license conducted by the Director-General of Civil Aviation. Details can be had from The Aeronautical Society of India, 13-b, Indraprastha Estate, New Delhi-110 002 and by e-mailing to The society has information on the field on its website as well. The website is also helpful in this regard.

The VSM Aerospace AME Training School, Bangalore offers Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) 3-year professional course and the Associate Member of Aeronautical Society in India (AMAeSI) 4- year professional course. Information on these are available form the Institute’s website , or by e-mailing to

.NET: .NET is a framework for creating windows and web-based applications. Most of the shopping websites and interactive web applications are created using. NET. Programming languages like ASP, Visual Basic, and C# are used for creating functionalities within the framework. Interactivity in applications has gained a lot of importance in the web 2.0, the latest generation of the internet, and consequently a framework to make applications interactive is important. .NET has become popular software I the more recent past with most businesses going online. This popularity is here to stay with the internet being touted as the next global marketplace.

Mainframes: Mainframes stands testimony as an antithesis to the statement that technology changes rapidly. In the world of data processing, Mainframes is a reliable server management tool. Since inception in 1952, mainframes have come a long way and have remained the trusted partners of giant institutions like Ford and US Army which rely on its robustness and reliability. The opportunities in legacy systems and maintenance are high. The prospects are aplenty, but since it is a relatively independent stream, moving to another platform will be a challenge. If you believe in stability, then mainframes is a good career option.

Design and Multimedia: If your are endowed with oodles of creativity along with your analytical skills, then a course in design and multimedia will be the best thing that can happen to you. With newer and sophisticated tools web designing, animation and interface design have become the most sought after skills in professionals with multiple job options across various industries. Jobs are aplenty in software companies, advertising agencies, media houses, and production houses. Some specific packages to learn could be Adobe, Macromedia, Maya etc.

While the above-mentioned courses are the most popular ones with students, there are other courses which hold a lot of promise for students aspiring to gain expertise in them. Some of them are Java, Data Warehousing, Testing Tools, PHP , and SIEBEL among others which hold a promising future.

I must put in word of caution, however, for all of you. what counts I this industry are the right attitude and a high level of adaptability, and not just skill and expertise. Technology changes so rapidly and you will become an unproductive resource if you do not keep yourself abreast and updated of the latest in technology

Your engineering course along with the software you learn during the course and, a healthy and learning attitude will spell successes for you. IT just needs the right kind of planning and execution with clinical precision.

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