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Which school to choose?
Author : Pradeep
Category : General Tips
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General Tips

Which school to choose?

When parents decide that the child is ready for regular school and they wish to choose one for him, they should not only look at the school`s results but also the type of students the school has produced. It is also important to see the extent to which the school has helped prepare the children for their future.

For younger children, schools should preferably be in the same locality or neighbourhood. Long travel in the school buses or city transport for an hour can tire and exhaust the child leading to apathy, headache and many other illnesses.

Different schools have different mediums for education. The medium of language is very important. A good student in an English medium school may find himself at a disadvantage if the medium is changed. Parents sometimes debate about sending their children to a boarding school. There may be special reasons for this. It is important to note that in the early years, the child needs the warmth and security of being with his family. After ten or eleven most children are independent and can look after themselves. Children who are difficult to manage at home or undisciplined are often sent to a boarding school to reform them. This is not correct way as the child takes it as a punishment, and develops further hostility or guilt feelings. They distance themselves from the family and may have adjustment problems later.



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