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Bilateral Current Affairs
Obituary Current Affairs October 2nd Week 2021
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Obituary Current Affairs October 2nd Week 2021

Holocaust Survivor And Writer Eddie Jaku Passes Away

Eddie Jaku, author of the best-selling book "The Happiest Man on Earth," and Holocaust survivor, died on October 12.
♦ Eddie Jaku died on October 12th, at the age of 101, in Sydney, Australia.
♦ Jaku was born in the German city of Leipzig in April 1920 as Abraham "Adi" Jakubowiez.
♦ He survived the Holocaust and was saved by US troops when he was nearly starved and sick with cholera and typhoid.
♦ He volunteered at the Sydney Jewish Museum, where he shared his life experiences and philosophies with visitors.
♦ He married Flore, a Jewish woman who survived the war by pretending to be a Christian, and they moved to Australia in 1950.



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