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Important Days Current Affairs May 1st Week 2021
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Important Days Current Affairs May 1st Week 2021

World Portuguese Language Day is on 5th May:

Every year on May 5th, World Portuguese Day celebrates the significance of the language in the preservation of human society and culture.
♦ Portuguese is one of the most commonly spoken languages all over the world. In the southern hemisphere, Portuguese has become the most commonly spoken language. The first wave of globalisation was also demonstrated by Portuguese speakers. As a result, Portuguese has inspired the development of other languages.
♦ Approximately 229 million people speak Portuguese around the world today. This places it as the world`s ninth most spoken language. Lusophones are people who speak this language.
♦ Brazil is home to the majority of Portuguese-speaking cell phones. Eight other nations, in addition to Brazil, speak Portuguese as their official language. Portuguese is a romantic language that is derived from Latin.



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