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International Current Affairs April 3rd Week 2021
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International Current Affairs April 3rd Week 2021

The President of the United States has announced the withdrawal of all US troops from Afghanistan:

President of the United States (Joe Biden) has declared that all American troops will be withdrawn from Afghanistan by September 11, 2021, effectively ending the country`s longest war.
♦ Before the 20th anniversary of the heinous attack on September 11th, US soldiers, as well as forces deployed by NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Allies and operational partners, will be out of Afghanistan (2001).
♦ Biden and his team are fine-tuning a nationwide system to track and counter large-scale terrorist attacks not just in Afghanistan, but also in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and elsewhere.
♦ Before making the announcement, Biden met with former US presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush.
♦ On February 29, 2020, the US and the Taliban signed a historic agreement in Doha to bring permanent peace to war-torn Afghanistan and enable US troops to return home from America`s longest war.

New Zealand passes the world`s first climate change law for financial firms:

New Zealand is about to become the world`s first nation to enact legislation requiring economic enterprises to account for their impact on climate change by requiring them to keep track of how their businesses affect the environment. 
Key Notes:
♦ The aim is to get the financial zone on board with the country`s efforts to reach its carbon-neutral goal by 2050.
♦ In September of last year, the New Zealand government published its plans to force the economic sector to make disclosures, stating that those who were unable to do so would be required to provide explanations.
♦ Prime minister of New Zealand: Jacinda Ardern.
♦ Capital of New Zealand: Wellington.
♦ The forex of New Zealand: New Zealand dollar.
India Elected To 3 Bodies Of The UN ECOSOC:
In recent years, India has been elected to three United Nations bodies. The Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, the Executive Board of the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and Women`s Empowerment, and the Executive Board of the World Food Programme were the three entities. All three of our bodies are subordinate to the UN Economic and Social Council.
♦ India was elected by acclamation to all three of these bodies. Honoring others is referred to as acclamation. A vote is no longer used when a member country is elected by acclamation. Other member foreign places, on the other hand, were elected to these bodies by secret ballot. On January 1, 2022, India`s term for these bodies will begin.
♦ When a member of the United Nations stands for election with a blank slate, the vote is held by acclamation. There is no history of proof of any issues with the Clean Slate abilities.
♦ When acclamation elections are held at the United Nations, the secret ballot may be used. In all UN bodies, acclamation voting is no longer permitted. In certain UN bodies, such as the Human Rights Council, election by acclamation is completely prohibited.
♦ Cuba, Chile, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, and Brazil were the other countries elected to the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice by secret ballot. Bahrain, Austria, Bulgaria, Belarus, France, Canada, Libya, Ghana, Qatar, Pakistan, Togo, and Thailand were among the countries that were elected by acclamation.
♦ Executive Board of the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and Women`s Empowerment: Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Thailand, South Africa, Poland, Monaco, Kenya, Guyana, Gambia, Egypt, Colombia, Cameroon, Bangladesh, Australia, Dominican Republic, and Afghanistan were elected to the board by acclamation.



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