Schemes Current Affairs December 2nd Week 2020
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PM-KUSUM Scheme Guidelines Were Issued:

Guidelines for the implementation of feeder-level solarisation under Component C of the PM-KUSUM scheme have been provided by MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy).
♦ The KUSUM program consists of three parts.
-Component A It involves the construction of distributed renewable energy power plants installed on the land.
-Component B This requires the construction of an autonomous agricultural solar pump.
-Component C Solarisation for grid-connected agricultural pumps is included.
♦ The objective of the PM-KUSUM Component-C plan is to provide farmers with reliable electricity during the day and to increase their income by buying excess solar energy, thus enabling them to save water.
♦ Farmers can receive reliable solar energy for irrigation during the day in the case of feeder-level solarization, but there is no provision to sell excess solar energy.
♦ Farmers should therefore be encouraged to save water and raise revenue.
♦ The average electricity demand of farmers in a certain region should be determined by DISCOM (Distribution Company) based on different factors.
♦ This power requirement will be known as the consumption of baseline power.
♦ DISCOM should allow farmers to use energy that is lower than the electricity usage of the baseline.
♦ Such savings should be considered to be surplus energy pumped by farmers, and DISCOM would use surplus electricity to pay for these surpluses at the predetermined price of electricity.
♦ This would be a major measure for preserving the level of groundwater.