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How to Motivate Students to Complete Homework on Time
Author : shanu
Category : Education Tips
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How to Motivate Students to Complete Homework on Time, Home work making tips, How to make your child to do home work, Home working tips. Parent Home work, Home work motivation.

How to Motivate Students to Complete Homework on Time

Most of the students are not interested in doing homework. They feel Home work is bore because they believe after completing their classroom, home work is an extension and it kills their free time. Hence they wont prefer to have home work in their priority list, and they may even not turn to it for days together, if no one cares them. Parents and Teachers can use lot of startergies to make home work interesting and make students to be more eager to complete on time, neatly, very fastly and immediately.



1. You have to make them understand about the importance of home work. Home work was given to make them understand what was read in the class and also to make students to spent time to Learn. We have to make them understand learning knowledge can be useful in future, Explain about moving to home work on time and in time make one practice timing and this help to complete their works in time which help in future.

2. Avoid assigning too much homework. When students have hours of homework to complete every night, they may become burned out quickly. Assign homework assignments that will not take more than 30 minutes to complete, so your students have time to enjoy being kids after school.

3. Reward students who finish their homework on time. Give them extra credit on their next exam or place a sticker on their finished homework assignment. Reward them by praising, but only if the praise is sincere.

4. Be careful with your word choices when you give your students negative feedback. Demeaning comments can make students feel inadequate and deter them from finishing their homework. When you give your students negative feedback, be specific. Tell them which parts of an assignment they need to improve on and which parts they succeeded in.



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