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Court Ordered Paternity Test - For Your Peace Of Mind
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Court Ordered Paternity Test – For Your Peace Of Mind

It must sound like a major TV series or a motion picture that everyone has seen or heard of whenever issues of paternity testing come up. Sure, most people have heard about this in the movies and TV or in the scientific lectures in school but should they learn that a friend or someone they know of has to undergo this, they would not believe themselves. So why is there a court ordered paternity test?

Most often than not, the reasons are entirely different and complicated. Nevertheless, you could sum all those reasons up into two categories such as moral and legal. The motives that lean toward the moral category comes up in circumstance where a party, usually, a mother of a kid would want her kid to recognize or acknowledge his real identity. With the help of the test, his identity will be known. Scientifically, it would be achieved by conducting a DNA sampling.

The morally-inclined reasons come up whenever a party, usually the mother of the child would want her child to grow up knowing his or her true identity. Through tests, that would be known. Scientifically, it would be done through DNA sampling. In layman’s term, the DNA is where the traits of a person are found and should it match with a sample taken from someone else, this only means that the two people are related genetically, like a father is related to his child. There are people who opt to settle this kind of dispute through paternity tests that are available readily and could be done at home. Usually, this is just to make both parties prove themselves and settle the matter. The test could be ordered by court while most of the time, it is a silent move that no one outside of the issue is able to know.

With regard to the legalities though, there are a luxury of reasons which could be deduced. The most popular of all reasons is the discernment regarding the issue of child support. As in most cases, the court ordered paternity test is requested by the mother so that his child could live the life he so deserves. The test will be a preventive measure for the mother to compel the father of the child supporting him as he grows old. The results of the tests are always correct and exact, most particularly when a third party, which is a clinic or a laboratory, is compelled by the court to do the testing, thus, there is no possibility that the result could be manipulated.

True enough; the court ordered paternity test is very instrumental in solving legal issues. Just like when an individual would want to exercise his right in his biological father’s properties. Although it is a bit dramatic, adopted kids who are lucky to have seen their biological parents could require for this. More importantly, the state could also demand for classification of the DNA of the people.

Other popular reason for doing such test is for acknowledging a body. Way back years ago, burnt or decaying bodies are only recognized through their dental files. Today, a court ordered paternity test could be done so that it would be a lot easier for the loved ones to know a person who has died from an accident or a tragedy. A common example of when this was utilized was during the 9/11 attack. Several dead bodies were already in decomposition state and the families had to hand in a DNA sample in order to see their sons, daughters, fathers and mothers for the last time.

With the more sophisticated and scientific way of answering questions and settling problems and disputes, one could not just say that they are watching their favorite primetime drama or sci-fi series. The court shall prove to you, the real drama could be ended by letting an independent party look through your genes.