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Keep an eye on safety this Diwali
Author : Kennice
Category : Festivals
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Diwali Safety diwali Injuries on diwali

Keep an eye on safety this Diwali

While enjoying the happy moments of Diwali, most people tend to overlook some important things that may be disastrous for their health. The incidence of eye injuries caused by fire crackers rises dramatically during Diwali because of so many new and unfamiliar fire crackers entering the market every year. Because most fireworks contain gunpowder and may be unpredictable, injuries can occur even if the person is careful or is under supervision.

Sparklers are one of the major causes of injuries requiring hospitalisation because they burn at temperatures hot enough to melt gold. Bottle rockets are extremely dangerous and account for a majority of all fireworks related injuries leading to permanent eye damage.

Do not ever try to re-ignite crackers. Use long handle wooden sticks with candles on their end so as to maintain a safe distance.

Wearing large glasses might shield the eyes from severe damage in case of accidents.

First Aid: 

  • Do not rub your eyes.
  • Use the corner of a soft clean cloth to draw the particles out, or hold the eyelids open and flush the eyes continuously with water.
  • If the particle is large or stuck in the eye, do not attempt to remove it. Keep eyes closed and go to a doctor immediately.
  • If the irritant is of the chemical kind, irrigate the eyes for 30 minutes and seek an eye specialist immediately.

For serious eye injuries: 

  • Do not splash water if the injury appears to be severe inside the eye.
  • Don`t try home remedies in this case and rush to an ophthalmologist. Cover the injured eye with cotton and tape, and rush to an eye-specialist immediately for an evaluation of the extent of the damage. Eye-sight can be lost in minutes and might be saved if prompt treatment is made available.
  • Do not drink or eat anything following the injury. Small children might require general anesthesia, for which one has to have an empty stomach.



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