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Lets Start preparation for UGC-NET
Author : Kennice
Category : UGC-NET
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UGC-NET 2012, UGC-NET 2013 Preparation Tips for UGC-NET

Lets Start preparation for UGC-NET

UGC- NET Preparation

Before focusing on preparation tips, Let me ask you few Questions. Dont worry they are simple.

Do you know What UGC- NET standards for?
Why this exam is conducted 
Why you have to prepare for it
Well if you can answer these questions, 20% you are confident for this exam.
Its a Competitive exam, eligibility for Lectureship in Indian Universities and colleges. This is conducted for 77 Subjects.
If you are preparing for yourself well i appreciate for it, but without knowing the path its like blind man walking in his dream.

Going to Coaching is a better idea, there you will get good guidance, improves your practice and you be confident enough.
  •  To crack this exam you require lot of hard work, practice, guidance and some smart work.
  • I say that If you are serious in your work , definitely you will get this. Remember you are the future guideline to your students and analyze your ability to be a teacher. 
  • If you are perfect with your subject how can you teach them so persons evaluating estimates your paper according to it. Never ever give up your day without practice. 
  • Talking about the subjects, first you need to analyze the subject, through the UG and PG subjects. 
  • Dont neglect paper I, If you dont clear Paper I you Cant go with Paper II & III 
  • Concentrate on Paper II and focus on literature.
  • Speed up your practice and answering the questions. Try to practice time management.
  • The more you take Mock Tests and more your confident will grow.
  • Learn technical words use them in your short answers. Evaluators know the subject more than you. so try to provide them short and meaningful answers in limited word.
  • Practice your handwriting. Its very important if the evaluator is not convenient with your writing how your answer will be judged... think !!!!
  • Smart work is needed. Preparing blindly MCQ wastes your time so prepare for long answer so that you cover MCQ in it. 
  • Well dont get panic seeing to the unknown questions, Provide good introduction and dup what you know about it. Make sure you reach to the point. Dont go like general one.
  • Before the Exam day be relaxed, Say to yourself you prepared lot enough for the exam so you need to relax. Keep your mind and body in relax mode. Eat lite food and sleep well.
  • Most important reach your exam center on time so that you dont get panic or tension.
Prepare well. You can Do It 
All The Best 




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