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which section is more scoring in IBPS
Author : Rajeswari
Category : IBPS
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Don't start exam with quantitative aptitude, Which section i have to start in IBPS Exam?

which section is more scoring in IBPS

Don’t start exam with quantitative aptitude.

While starting the sections like quantitative aptitude and reasoning,takes you much time,for this you don’t start with these 2 topics,because of these sections will take much time and many problems create confusion to you,so just avoid aptitude and reasoning sections. Don’t start exam with quantitative aptitude.

Tough sections in IBPS exam:
Quantitative aptitude
Topics you have to start first (sequence):
General awareness
Computer knowledge
Quantitative aptitude

Time splitting for each section

General awareness:                  15 min
Computer knowledge:               15 min
English:                                    25 min
reasoning:                                45 min
Quantitative aptitude:                50 min
I think its cleared about time management in ibps exam and as well as sections you have to start first.




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