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Cutoff marks for IBPS bank PO and Clerical Exams
Author : Rajeswari
Category : IBPS
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Cutoff marks for IBPS bank PO and Clerical Exams

Cutoff marks for IBPS bank PO and Clerical Exams

In IBPS abank PO and clerical exams,cut off marks/score will depend on

1.numbet of students taken the exam
2.number of students qualified
3.number of posts
4.Difficulty of exam paper
Depending upon the above mentioned 4 factors,cutoff marks will decide.
Ibps cut off marks/score 70%/60%?
According to experts,ibps exam very huge competetion exam,across india,so many students taking this exam,so if you get 70% of marks that is 70% of 250 marks=175, you will definetly get job in any of 19 banks notification.7o% of marks guaranteed you job in first notification.
If IBPS exam paper was very tough
You need to get 60 to 65% of marks mean 140-145 marks results you job.
60% of marks(140 MARKS) also offer you job?
Actually this is a common written test for bank jobs in 19 banks.Let say indian bank given the notification for jobs,then 70% score students will get job in indian bank
Also if ANDHRA BANK release notification for jobs,then 68% of marks students will get the job in andhra bank.
So if you very lucky,then 5 to banks will release notification for jobs means then 60% of marks students have chances to get the job in of 19 banks.



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