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Agricultural scientist works with biologists and chemists to develop efficient crops. They develops New technology to improve product development and they may also work as private clients or can have their own consultant services only after gain complete knowledge on the research field. Agricultural science includes food science, plant science, animal science and soil science. Food science involves food scientists to analyze food content and check the preservatives. In this field they check the packing, Processing and many more. Animal science they conducts research and development to improve the production and processing of meats, fish and dairy products. Dairy scientists, animal breeders, poultry & fishery scientists, are the related scientists who specialize in nutrition, genetics, reproduction, and growth of domestic farm animals. Animal scientists examine and grade livestock food products, purchase of livestock, or work in technical sales or marketing. Soil science is the study of the physical, chemical and biological composition of soils; its impact on plant growth and how various types of soils respond to things such as fertilizers, crop rotation etc. Depending on the areas of specializations, post graduates with doctoral degree are employed in the agricultural universities as plant pathologist, agronomist, economic botanist, agro-meteorologist, research engineer, associate professor etc. Reserve Bank of India, State Bank of India and the nationalized banks offer openings for postgraduates in agriculture and allied areas as Field Officers, Rural Development Officers and Agricultural and Probationary Officers.

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