Oceanography is the branch of Earth science that deals with the study of oceans and seas with a particular interest in coastal estuaries, coastal waters, shelves and the bed of the ocean. The subject of study covers a wide range of topics, including marine organisms and ecosystem dynamics, ocean currents, waves and geophysical fluid dynamics, plate tectonics and geology of the seabed, and the flow of chemical and physical properties in the ocean and beyond its borders. A person who studies aspects of the oceans is known as an oceanographer or marine biologist. The work of an oceanographer requires scientific knowledge of biology, chemistry, physics, geology, geophysics, mathematics and engineering science. This emerging field offers the opportunity to acquire scientific knowledge in the various employment and public and private organizations.

Pursue a career in oceanography retags challenge. The world still to be discovered in our oceans for the students thinks. Through theoretical and practical classes students were asked by the knowledge. Practical classes, students sample, the survey was assigned to sea to collect and use sophisticated equipment to long-term analysis.