Photonics is a hi-tech theme that developed following the merger of optical technology with electronics. It is to preserve the use of light to transmit or process information. It is the science of mastering the techniques involved in the emission, detection, transport and modulation of light. This branch of physics concerned with the study of photons, the elementary particles of light. It also has the necessary tools such as laser guns, fiber optics, optometric instruments, etc. Photonic Systems, provides information signals as light pulses, and optical signals are transmitted through optical fibers. Optical fibers are strands of special glass about 10 microns (100 microns) in diameter (about the thickness of a human hair) and can implement a thousand times more information than electrical wires. using photonic components to electrical signals into optical signals and turn back if necessary, can be made from a variety of materials such as semiconductors and even optical fiber. These devices are also used to manipulate and process optical signals directly without the need for conversion.