Horticulture is the art of science which studies about plant cultivation, processing, Marketing the ornamental flowers, fruits, Vegetables and nuts. Horticulture uses various technologies in cultivating the crop, production, storage and marketing. Horticulture studies about different plant growth like pomological crops, floriculture, foliage crops and olericulture. It is an applied science which is combined with physics, chemistry, botany, biotechnology and soon. It is the best career who loves greenery, gardening and scope for this field is high. Horticulturists work to improve field, quality nutrient values and research on plant health. Horticulture includes landscape design, construction, and maintenance. Harvest physiologist work on maintaining quality and prevent spoilage. There is a new field arising from horticulture and it is horticulture therapy, it is that which improves the mental and physical strength of the patient