Food Technology & Processing


Food is an essential and a need to the human, preserve it, protecting the food is an important task. As the population is growing high the preserving the grains for future generation should be known. Now a days people were very conscience on their health so they take much care about food in take and its utility. Food technology is the branch that helps the human race in protecting the food with some techniques.

Food processing is the branch of food science and that deals with preserving the raw materials, packing the food, controlling the toxin in the preserved food. It is not the new method but introducing new taste and new technology in food preserving and serving. Demand for the package food is more their were many companies coming forward to protect the consuming food. Food scientists and technologist tackle with the physical, chemical and microbiological processing. Food technologist has command over the food protection and even in manufacturing industries where as food processing work with varieties of food products manufacturing depending on the taste of the trend. Consumerism is growing high in these days and there is a growth in food processing so the one who is interested in this field has got lot of scope and it is an evergreen career.