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Agricultural Sciences
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Courses & Eligibility

For husbandry and dairy, horticulture, water conservation, farming system management, agricultural botany, agricultural biotechnology, agricultural chemistry, agricultural Economics, agricultural marketing management and so on. Graduates can opt for relevant jobs.

One can have own business in primary economic sector such as farming, plantations, fisheries, mining, cattle rearing, poultry farming etc. along with relevant degree in hand.

To become Field officers, rural development officers. one needs to have PhD.

To be successful in this field one need to have good communication skills, good presentation skills, mainly they must have complete knowledge on Subjects like biology, maths, physics and chemistry and also additionally on Crops, pastures, soil types, agricultural and horticultural chemicals, soon. Computer knowledge and new technology is mandatory.

the Agricultural managers/ inspectors, they need to have BSc in Agricultural science/ BTech Agricultural science with some specializations like agronomy, plant physiology, hematology, seed technology, soil science and soil conservation, sericulture, animal husbandry.

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