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Interpreters and translators have many opportunities in public and private sector. They are employed in a variety of industries, reflecting the diversity of employment opportunities in the field. The increased demand for interpreters and translators is directly derived from the expansion of international relations and the increase in the number of people who do not speak English in the United States. Both trends should continue throughout the projection period, which contributes to the relatively rapid growth in the number of jobs for interpreters and translators in all sectors of the economy. Demand should be strong for interpreters and translators in health care and the law as it is essential that the information is understood by all parties in these areas. Translators work as full-time or freelance for international organizations like the United Nations and the Organization of American States, who are employed by government agencies such as the State Department and National Security Agency and the labor organizations, non-profit organizations to profit as the Red Cross and the church, private companies, such as software developers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, international corporations and law firms and agencies translation. Although the interpretation and translation have much in common, the practice of each profession is different in the same way that written language is different from talking. Translation and interpretation involve careful analysis of the meaning in context and attention to extra-linguistic aspects of communication. Interpreters must be good speakers who are experts at capturing the meaning and solving complex problems language quickly, whereas translators must be able to conduct a thorough investigation and careful, and to ensure the accuracy, ready for Camera documents while adhering to tight deadlines. Many clients, unaware of the distinction between two aspects of the profession, expect the same person to perform both tasks. Graduates have found that to be able to provide translation and interpretation gives them a significant advantage in the competitive job market of today. ITSM graduates are in high-level missions around the world, discussions of the Security Council of the United Nations, trade negotiations in the Pacific and ass treated in several languages, the Summer Olympics. Others translate the technical specifications and manuals, books and scientific articles and literary works.


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