Cosmetology is one of the main areas of work in India, as in the world of fashion and glamor are more numerous with increasing personal income and changes in lifestyle. This is reinforced by new scientific developments, techniques, products and advertising media. Therefore, this sector has income and is likely to mega malls. People are increasingly aware of fashion and fitness and put more emphasis on personal care. The person who is an expert in cosmetology is called a cosmetologist or esthetician, beautician. A beautician is a person who does manicures, hair styling, washing, makeup or other beauty services, cosmetology is the study and application management of beauty. Beauty care that helps people at its best is a place for those who have an eye for beauty and enjoy interacting with others. With the increasingly competitive labor and professional and the growing awareness of health and beauty of men and women, the need to appear well kept and attractive has assumed greater importance in todays world. This led to the growth of cosmetics and beauty treatments, beauty treatments, turning in a career fast-growing and lucrative. Speaking of cosmetology includes everything from beauty treatments to health care. The work in this area involves the knowledge and use of a wide range of treatments and services to improve the appearance of the face, body and hair. The main task of an esthetician is to give an attractive appearance to customers. In this context, success depends on the age of the practitioner. Despite trends of taste and beauty are changing, the fundamental task of a professional beautician / beauty remains the same. Beauty salon, skin care, cosmetics, manicure / pedicure, and Electrology is the specialty or field of cosmetology. This is an area, it is easy to enter and succeed.