Translators / Interpreters


The cross-cultural communication is necessary in todays society, career options have been thrown open for professionals proficient in foreign languages. It is an attractive proposition, for those who master foreign languages. Skills in foreign languages like French, German, Russian, Chinese and more recently Japanese, Spanish and Korean are in huge demand. In addition to needing fluency in at least two languages, many interpreters and translators need a bachelors degree.

Interpreter converts one spoken language into another where as Translator works with the written words. The growth prospects vary from language to language, the interpreter job which is used for meetings, conferences, speeches etc. In this interpreter listens to speeches from a soundproof room and almost instantly interprets the message in the target language into a microphone for the listeners it is one type and the other type is of interpreting called liaison interpreting or consecutive interpreting. It is in situations such as formal speeches such as a speaker after conveying his/her message stops for a while and then the interpreter interprets the spoken speech to the audience.

Translator converts written materials from one language into another. They must have excellent writing and analytical ability, and because the translations that they produce must be accurate, they also need good editing skills.