Holiday consultant


Now a days every one is preferring third party to pay their payments, to book the tickets, to reserve the holiday spots and more. The holiday consultant is the one who take the responsibility of their clients for their tours, journeys and more. Holiday consultant is a person who provides all the information to his/her clients, regarding their trip to a particular destination. A holiday consultant makes travel plans for his/her clients, books tickets and conveys all the other important information, relevant to the trip, which a client wants. With a boom in tourism industry in India, more and more travel agencies are opening up that hire holiday consultants for their clients. Although the concept of holiday consultants is new to the travel industry, it has already created ripples in the field. In fact, it has emerged as a chosen career option in the tourism and hospitality industry of India. Travel agencies are on a hunt for talented young professionals with good marketing as well as communication skills, who can serve as holiday consultants. Therefore, to fulfill the demand of both public and private sector organizations for holiday consultants, many travel and tourism related educational institutes in India have come up with courses related to the field.