Athletic trainer


An athletic trainer is a certified, health care professional who practices in the field of sports medicine. Athletic training is considered as an allied health profession, wherein the trainer looks after the medical needs of injured athletes. The task of an athletic trainer is to prevent, diagnose injuries and provide correct and immediate medical aid using the skills and knowledge acquired in the field. The success and safety of the team or individual depends on the efficiency of an athletic trainer. Generally, athletic trainers are hired by professional sports persons or an entire team. A proficient athletic trainer is accountable for regaining the strength of the injured players. An athletic trainer guides the athletes about the correct use of equipments and imparts the correct methods of doing the exercises. Even the task of buying affordable equipments comes under his/her purview. He/she acts as a mediator between the doctor, the instructor and his family, in order to decide his return to practice and competition. Knowledge about first-aid medical treatment is necessary for the trainer. Behind every successful athlete, there lies the hard work of a good athletic trainer. He/she needs to be mentally and physically very strong, as he/she has to work for long hours under extreme pressure.