Career Prospects

There are various career options in which a Photographer can work. The following fields are the important opportunities, a Photographer can work, are:-

Freelance Photographer:- A Freelance Photographer is the one who does not work on salary basis i.e.., selling work by the hour, day, etc. These Photographers should have the business management skills in order to work in this way. They should also develop an individual style of photography in order to be different from others and to face the competitions.

Scientific Photographer:- This work is related to areas of science such as engineering, medicine, biology or chemistry which help them in Photographing a range of subject related objects. One can either work with news reporters or work as free-lancers on independent assignments on environment, wild life and other allied fields. This career role offers a variety of work in terms of assignments.

Fashion Photographer:-This is well known field as it has recently developed in India and many of them are aware of it. The fashion photography is carried out in either Mumbai or Delhi and involves by highly developed and well-equipped studios by freelancers who get commission from fashion houses for advertising agencies.

Advertising Photographers:- Advertising photography is possibly the best-paid and most competitive branch of all as the success depends on ability, efficiency and the right personality. They are connected with the photographic departments of advertising agencies, photographic studios.

Portrait and Wedding Photographers:- These photographers are well known as we watch them every where in all types of functions, meetings etc.

Commercial Photographers:- These Photographers take photos of interior and exterior of an Industry or the other in order to be used as company broachers, annual reports, and in advertising and selling.

Feature Photographers:-

Describing a story through pictures is the profession of a Feature photographer. Many photographers specialize in the photography of wildlife, sports travel, environment etc.

Photojournalists:- A photojournalist must have a journalistic mind to shoot a good news picture. This career role demands an ability to photograph all kinds of newsworthy people, places, sports, political, and community events for newspapers, journals, magazines, or television. They supply pictures to the national and global press.