Intellectual Property Rights

Career Prospects

They can get more jobs in following areas.

  • FMCGs and durable goods industries
  • Law firms
  • Institutes/firms/companies working on agriculture
  • Institutes offering courses in IPR
  • Software companies
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Institutes/ companies/organisatÃ?­ions working on science and technology

IPR attorneys are integral part of in-house teams of business organizations formed with the sole aim of identifying and stopping copyright and IP infringements. IPR attorneys are also being actively employed by a whole range of organizations like Specialty Law Firms, Government and Self supported Think Tanks, Law Enforcing bodies and universities.

In Corporate houses IPR attorneys who are actively involved in decision making activities and also contribute to creating corporate policies.

IPR attorney in law firm primarily acts as a third party, and hence offers exposure to a diverse range of technologies and domains. In addition to this, an IP team in a law firm generally has lawyers from different technology backgrounds, and hence offers better learning opportunities as compared to an in house corporate legal team. In general, a law firm offers better compensation as well as growth opportunities.

Government agencies and policy making bodies are one of the most prolific employers of IPR attorneys. With the rapid growth in demand for IPR attorneys, there is an increasing demand for faculties in old as well as newly established law schools