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Actuarial Science
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Career Prospects

Career Prospects:

The Person who wants to take the course must take 15 subjects (14+1 optional) in preparing for the actuarial examinations. These subjects are grouped into 100 Series (CT), 200 Series (CA), 300 Series (ST) and 400 Series (SA).

The subjects in CT Series cover Mathematical, statistical, economic and financial techniques, which are applicable internationally. The CA series contains a question of general actuarial interest and aims to test communication skills of the students with regard to application of actuarial technique learnt in the CT Series subject. The ST Series cover investment, Life-Insurance, General Insurance and Pensions and other Employee benefits. The SA Series subjects focus on the practical application of the Principles covered in the corresponding ST Series subjects and earlier subjects.

There are 9 Subjects in CT series, 3 subjects in CA series, 6 subjects in ST series out of which the student will chose 2 subjects and 6 subjects in SA series out of which the student will chose 1 subject.

There is no fixed duration to complete the course. The aspirant has to clear the Entrance Examination and the 15 subjects prescribed. A student can attempt any number of subjects at a time and in any order. However, it is a better option to take the subjects in the numerical sequence in which these are numbered and not more than two or three at a time.


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