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You Can Successful Score Top Grades
Author : sudha
Category : General Topics
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How Successful Students Score Top Grades, how to score good marks.

You Can Successful Score Top Grades

Worried Worried Worried ... How My friend is scoring top marks than me? Why can I!!!!!!!!!

Why is it that out of so many students in a class only few score top grades? What is special about students who score high? What do they do exactly?

Well, successful students certainly study differently. But not so differently that you cannot do it yourself.

With few exceptions, all top-performing students follow a similar style of studying. We call this a five-point approach.Here is what they do:

1. Ready for regular work

Almost all successful students study regularly. Because they know that what you give is what you get.

If you put in regular hours of studying, then you will learn more, you will get better grades. The idea of scoring high, without doing steady and consistent work is just a pipe dream.

Set aside some hours, each day or each week, for studying. This will help you to study regularly. And prevent piling up of study-assignments during exams.

2. Definite goals

I will score A grade in English.I will get 94% in the next exam. These are definite goals. And all top-performing students have definite, specific goals.

Having such goals give you a purpose to study better. They motivate you and drive you to study more. Helps you to focus your energies and mind power efficiently.

Hence always have definite goals for studying.

But I have seen that many students hesitate to set specific goals. Because they are afraid they may not be able to achieve it. Do not fear.

Believe in yourself. With planned effort and self-confidence, you can achieve anything.

3. Well-planned effort

Once you decide where you want to go, you need a road-map to find out how to reach that place. Well, this is common sense, you might say. Exactly. And this is where successful students differ from ordinary ones.

Once successful students set their goal, they sit and plan on how they are going to achieve their goal, what actions they are going to take. How much time they are going to spend on it.

For e.g. if the goal is to score A grade in English, what action is needed to achieve this score? Spend more time to study English lesson? Improve grammar? Improve writing skill?...

In this way successful students question, analyze and make plans. Then they follow their plans faithfully.

Such planned efforts bring more results and more success. It also prevents wastage of time and energy because you know exactly what you need to do to get your goal.

4. Study without strain

Successful students study a lot. But they study without putting strain on themselves. Most students make the mistake of studying too hard or studying continuously for long time. This creates mental tension and actually slows down learning and memory.

Studying should be done in a balanced manner.

Try to give a gap between studying two subjects. Take a break for few minutes, after studying for 30 or 45 minutes. Relax, walk around your room or house, or drink some water and return back to studying. Such short breaks will refresh your brain and you will learn more.

Also, after taking your study-schedule or time-table into account, set aside some time for playing any sport or watching TV or just sitting out and gossiping with your friend.

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5. Give it importance

While researching for our complete self-development course called, Success Mindware for students, we found that students who give importance to studies perform better. They score more and have fewer study problems.

Studying is not something you do just because your parents asked you to do it. It?s actually very important for you.

Studying gives you knowledge and skills that will remain with you for the rest of your life. It gives you the ability to get a job and earn money. It gives you financial independence, stability in life, respectabilitythe list is endless.

And successful students recognize the value of studying well. Hence they give lot of importance to it.

When you give importance to something, you naturally focus all your attention and energy on it.

You can see from the above five-point approach that successful students dont do anything extraordinary. They just do the right thing.

And you are not different from them. You can also do it and achieve success in your studies.



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