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Bio chemist has got good career opportunity in these days. Biochemist as a researcher can have good jobs in agricultural, medical and nutritional sectors. Both in the public and private sector they have good opportunities. Even in biotechnology industries bio chemist has got good opportunities they work in quality control, manufacturing, information systems. Biochemist should have some technique skills so they can go with development side as a biochemist technist. They can go as a professors or lecturers in the colleges. Graduates can get into forensic technical sales, pharmacology, molecular biology and soon. As a research assistant they analyze the data, take the report put on process. As a clinical research associate they work on new drugs, Technical writer develops the program fort he administration. Biochemical process developer develops the biochemical process in laboratory. In agricultural sector they get more opportunities in the seed development industry, crop cultivation, pest control and soon. They can get opportunities in military careers, medicine, educational, toxicology and soon..

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