Career Prospects

Initially after completing PhD one has to work under senior scientist to learn complete knowledge on the project. They need to collect the data, observe and interpret the data. They work for the heavenly bodies beyond the earth. They observe and apply the data knowledge to solve the problems in navigation and satellites communication. They are enthusiastic to know the new things in the space and junior astronauts work under supervisions of the senior physicists to learn the work and develop their ideas. They get jobs in the government space organizations, defense and space organizations. Doctorate holders get jobs in space researcher centers, space application centers and degree holders can get jobs in non profit organizations that they involve in telescope making, organization observations and soon. They should be comfortable to travel long distance to present their work to the researchers. This job is the coolest job than any other because it needs good analytical, interpreting skills. If they cant continue working in the laboratory they can go as a professor in the astronomy colleges.