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Being the study of mankind as a whole, Anthropology is a very interesting subject. It opens many doors of knowledge to the biological, socio-cultural, prehistoric and every other aspect of human development. The job prospects for students of Anthropology are vast within India as well as abroad. Anthropology as a subject has far better scope in countries in the west, where they are hired in the field of medicine, law, business and other professional institutions. They are absorbed in community development programs and public service programs as well.

Anthropology as a subject offers great career prospects for those students who wish to pursue it at a higher level. There are many fields where Anthropologists can find employment. The three main areas of employment are in teaching, research and working in museums.

If one is planning on an academic career, then one can either find Academic jobs at various universities and institutes or do research. The scope for being a research scholar always remains open. Research students of Anthropology can easily find jobs in various international development and non-governmental organizations. Anthropological Survey of India is foremost among such organizations which employ anthropologists for research jobs. Anthropologists are involved extensively with field work and research. The field work can be both physically and mentally exhaustive and involve working in locations with low comfort levels.

The demand for curators by museums gives another opening for Anthropologists. They are employed by museums, art galleries, libraries and archives.

Other than these jobs one can opt for jobs with NGOs working in underdeveloped areas. Anthropologists can be hired by organizations like the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization , UNICEF (United Nations Childrens Fund ) and WHO (World Health Organization). Many organizations like the ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) and the Police Department also offer employment to anthropologists for the purpose of crime detection. Other than such jobs, one can also find employment in the Human Resource Development sector of corporate houses, as anthropologists can balance the relation between society and industry. The scope for employment is varied - One can find employment as archaeologists, curators, linguists, social workers, tour guides as well as in publishing houses, social service organizations, forensic science and criminal investigation departments.


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