Agricultural Sciences


Agricultural science is a field that which deals with Research and development techniques used for production, Improving quality and quantity of productivity. In this advance era scientist had focused on improving agriculture. So the field Biotechnology and Genetic engineering came into existence to improve agro industry. Agriculture is the back bone of India, to gain global market our country has improved some techniques to provide quality products and to export them. Many institutions and universities are providing professional courses in agricultural science due to demand in professional qualified persons. Agricultural science professionals specialize in agricultural production and livestock. They play an important role in maintaining the nation food supply. Some of the major tasks performed by them involves improving the quality and quantity of farming; improving crop yield with less labor, conservation of soil and water, controlling pests and weeds more safely and effectively etc. In short, Agricultural scientists engage in research to discover and promote effective, practical pathways to sustainable land use, food and fiber production and food harvesting.