Environmental Science
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The atmosphere is the source of life in the Earth. It is the atmosphere that provide the food, the clothes, the shelter and other favorable substances of the life like the water, the air, the light of the sun etc to all the alive beings. The recent fastest growth in industrialization and the urbanization has disturbed the natural balance of the atmosphere and the result is untenable process of the growth and the development. Therefore there is increasing accomplishment on the protection and the conservation of our atmosphere and its inestimable components. Now the responsibility is lying with the outside environmental scientists towards suggesting respectful methods of the development environment that is sustainable development. It is growing the international, national sense in, the state and the local level to even protect our atmosphere without the commitment with development progress. The international agencies, the national governments, the industries, the MNCs etc are trying to adopt practical friendly of the echo in their works. The investigation institutes also are trying to develop to new methods and respectful technologies of the environment. Thus there are ample areas of reach for the environmental scientists.