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Career Prospects

Career in geology is the wise option and they should be completely involved in it. It is an interesting job, analytical work and people can find new things and every day it will be new. They have more opportunities in public and private companies. Mostly they get jobs in mining and semi- government companies. There were many openings for the geology depends on their interest geologist can adopt their fields as general geologist who studies on the environment and economical conditions, Engineering geologist who study the rock and soils for construction materials used. Geohydrologist, are those who study on the water resources, underground water and soon. Paleontologist, who study on the fossils in order to estimate and know about the climate conditions and degenerated species, Geophysicist are those who study on the physical component of the earth and collision and soon. The one who loves nature can adapt to any kind of condition in the weather and spend lot of time in working. They can also work in the labs, universities as professors. This is the best job finding out new investigations for those who love new work and analyzing new things.


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