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Nursing is the profession which take care about patient. They care the patients with emotion, making comfort to the patient, taking care about physical illness of the patient and advocate about patient care. Patient care activities are designed and coordinated to help people achieve independence as soon as possible or maintain an optimal level of functioning. In a general ward in the operating room, nursing is an integral part. Activities for self-care education health promotion, and management treatments prescribed by a physician or licensed dentist. Nursing tasks are many and cover a wide range of functions and responsibilities depends on the skill level and work environment. The initial level, nurses are required to attend to the head, while the highest level, which are required to manage a group of people as psychiatric patient care and paediatric intensive, etc., which require specialized knowledge. They are also involved in drug distribution, record keeping of patient outcomes, the establishment and operation of medical equipment, administration and many routine tasks. As such, the work requires long hours and tasks that incorporate the knowledge and understanding of the needs of the patient.