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Electrical therapy or electrical homeopathic alternative system of medicine is an important part of It does not hurt the natural simplicity of the unique, non-toxic,non-alcoholic and is no side effects. In addition, it is rather cheap and affordable to all parts of society are Dr. Earl Caeser Italian Mattie discovered homeopathy in 1865 electricity. Matty a lot of theory, the influence of Paracelsus and other recognized health care system of that era was studied. His all systems of care have found that certain disadvantages. Homoeopathy has studied the girl Hahnemanns. Since he is an improvement on the existing system with a low vulnerability to evolve a better one has a few ideas. Ie electricity homeopathy homeostasis in the lymph and blood between people who are sick is a new system of medicine to keep. Thus, by adjusting the bodys lymph and blood taken patient care. Regulatory system, both the lymph and blood is used as a plant made pharmaceuticals. Widely used treatment in England, Germany, France and the United States, India and other Asian countries and soon.