Medical Lab Technology(MLT)


Medical Laboratory technicians are those who diagnose and treating the illness and the reports provided are valuable to the doctors to cure the patient disease. Medical Laboratory Technicians technical expertise required to perform a variety of routine and specialized tests on patient samples to assist physicians in diagnosing and treating the diseases. Medical laboratory technician should be able to read maps and charts, discriminate colours, read the scale of the instrument, observe the microscopic cells and organisms, and record the results with accuracy and detail, communicate effectively and sensitively in order to obtain information to assess non-verbal communication and be able to convey information to all members of the health care team, displayed all the skills necessary to perform diagnostic procedures, manipulate tools and equipment, and accurately, showing the emotional health required to fully utilize their intellectual abilities and be able to identify and remedy emergency situations when there are problems or the results are meaningless, and be able to take appropriate action. Medical laboratory technicians may be exposed to blood-borne pathogens and hazardous materials.