Dentistry is a rewarding career option. Dentistry, with an attractive Occupation, is concerned with all health problems afflicting mouth, teeth, gums and oral cavity are related to the problems afflicting other hard and soft tissues.Professional field which includes dental care and correction, as it is accepted.Periodontics, oral health and cosmetic dentists in various dental procedures.With a growing awareness of the importance of using the new fields, to improve the appearance of patients. Dentists or dental surgeons, oral and dental diseases and disorders by examining the teeth and mouth surgery patients, providing medical and other forms. Dentists trauma surgery, implants, tissue grafts and laser surgery to improve them. A dentist and oral cavity to prevent the core functionality of the floor of the oral cavity, teeth, gums, tongue, etc., including their jobs and educating patients about oral hygiene, including disease, treatment is to keep a healthy mouth and way to prevent dental problems.