Personal Assistant(PA)

Career Prospects

Once you gain employment as a personal assistant, there are several opportunities for career advancement. You may be Promoted To Positions that have more responsibility, requiring you to hire, train and manage junior personal assistants. Or your career ladder could lead you into service with a more highly placed executive, or with an executive at a more prestigious firm.

Some personal assistants are given the opportunity to become executive assistants. In most cases, this means you will begin handling personal details in addition to your secretarial and administrative duties. You will work more closely with your manager or director, and will probably work much longer hours. On the other hand, compensation will be higher, and the contacts and experience that you gain will be invaluable.

So if you are wondering whether you are right for the job, you need to make a few considerations. Personal assistants know how to communicate, but also know when to take a back seat. They are flexible and good at organizing. They have a good memory and are able to juggle several different tasks at once. If this sounds like you, then brush up on your English and maths, get trained on word processing and database software, and get to work!