Naviks are the Coast guards who are responsible for the protecting the Harbors and look after the security of the port, Naval counter intelligence and patrolling of the coastal areas. A Coast guard is a national organization responsible for various services at sea i.e.., to guard the port and harbors during the time of wars, to guard the lakes at border for protection of country etc. The Indian coast guard is the fourth service created to guard the vast coastline of India. As per the Coast guard act, it was created on 18 august, 1978, as an independent entity. The Indian Coast guard is a part of the Armed forces of India. It is a not a part of Military forces of India. The Coast guards work closely to Indian Navy and the Customs Department of India. The Coast guard has large number of fast craft, Hover crafts and Hydrofoils.

The Coast guard offers exciting career prospects in the field of Naviks (General duty/Domestic Branch/ Yantriks) which includes hard work, professionalism, risk and adventure and involvement in the Nations Defense. Based on your improvement in the job, you reach to a good position and get good salary and many rewards which differ from the civil life.