Hospitality Mgmt

Career Prospects

A career in Hospitality Management is a very good option for an MBA student who can perform their skills, it means that you will be working first and foremost with people. The hospitality field includes any of the amenities that make living and travel a pleasure; from large hotels and quaint bed and breakfasts to casinos and resorts, hospitality is all about making visitors feel welcome. The reason for this combination of course types is the nature of the job. Hospitality Management is a diverse field full of many different types of opportunities. While some of the jobs are fairly routine, involving the management of a hotel and all the employees contained therein, some of them are much more specialized. For example, a Hospitality Manager may oversee the marketing department within a large hotel chain or specifically with the catering staff at a bed and breakfast. Other jobs may fall within banquet services, front desk customer service, housekeeping, or even security. When you move into large hospitality chains, the opportunities are manifold and often offer great upward mobility. They can go as a sales manager, catering manager, food and beverage manager and many more.