Quality Assurance Management


A quality manager, also known as quality monitoring manager, is the main position involved in a QA job. This quality guarantee professional in any organization is responsible for developing and implementing quality management procedures and systems. To put it simply, it means that this person in charge of quality monitoring and assurance has to ensure that all products manufactured or marketed by a company are free from any flaws or errors and are of the highest quality. Quality assurance management can be defined as the management of all quality related project activities. The term quality assurance is often used as equivalent to quality control, which is totally based on the quality of a product. Under the project activities, there are four QA processes - definition, planning, execution and control. The main work of a quality assurance manager or a project manager is to make sure that the quality plan is implemented according to the plan as well as to check whether all the objectives of the project have been achieved or not. Although project manager plays an important role in all quality assurance activities, the main responsibility lies on all the team members of the project for producing a quality product for the consumers. The chief principles of quality assurance management are fulfillment of adequate technical needs, quality of suppliers, check the product for its quality, performance, safety, and reliability standards, proper usage of materials, surety of products technicality, reliability, maintainability and performance requirements. The need of talented quality assurance managers is on a rise, which also brings many job opportunities for the students. To serve the purpose, a number of management institutes in India have included courses in quality assurance management.