Petroleum Management


Energy is the source of life for any nation. In India energy sector has assumed greater significance as it is treading accelerated growth path. Oil and Natural Gas sector, as a traditional source for energy has become very important sector across the globe. The energy policy has become more proactive and environmental awareness in the society gained prominence. As a result, several public sector companies in the oil and gas sector have geared themselves to the new challenge and several foreign firms associated with this sector have made way to India.

Indian companies have started going abroad with several types of long-term agenda. The scenario is interesting and exciting. When the sector, on one hand, is showing promise with its high growth, it on the other hand has been facing acute shortage of petro-managers or techno-managers for dealing with various tasks. Many enthusiastic technocrats working in sector and associate sectors would like to open up more opportunities for their own growth and advancement by acquiring management skills which are vital for climbing up in the ladder of hierarchy.