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Career Prospects

Sports have opened up many career opportunities for young talents in India. After acquiring training in various sports academies, one can opt for building career as sportsperson and play at state level first and then look for opportunities at the national and international levels. Apart from serving as a player, an experienced sportsperson can also work as coach, team manager, fitness instructor, umpire or referee.

Sports persons are required to be energetic, enthusiastic and physically fit.

All professionals in this field must be absolutely committed to the profession and the game.

Coaches and instructors must have several years of experience and training.

Patience, perseverance and a sporting spirit are required to excel.

In allied areas of work, communication and business skills are gaining importance and value.

A sportspersons work needs psychomotor and physical conditioning.

A Trained Sports person can get placements in Sports administration, Sports photojournalists, Sports journalism, Sports and business marketing, Administrative and sports duties, Sport and leisure club managers, Professional players, Umpire/Referee, Coaches, Physical Education Instructors

Those endowed with communication skills can easily become popular like a Harsha Bhogle or Ravi Shastri. With rapid growth in television, newspapers/ magazines and other media, sports journalism has surely surfaced as a highly paid profession.


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