Kitchen is the place where there used to be a daily task or for special occasions. Today, cooking is an art, an art to be acquired, giving a competitive advantage. The restaurant industry is growing by leaps and bounds as a result of the demand for chefs to win a professional, if it feeds the desire to win a million hearts of service to people with good food, the chef career the answer is correct. As a leader, you will not give you the opportunity to taste delicious food, but also have the opportunity to make money through it. A leader is a person who prepares food in a meal together at the restaurant of the hotel, restaurant or fast. In addition to being the leader, a leader of the plans the menus for food orders, supervising the preparation and supervises the kitchen staff. As a leader, you can ensure good quality and taste delicious prepared foods. The head is of paramount importance to ensure that a restaurant, hotel, etc., is mounted to the business of food intake is directly determined by the quality and taste of food prepared by her . A cook needs to know the different types of food and cooking as well as methods of food preparation and cooking. The demand for professional chefs is a large scale. If you feed the desire to win a million hearts in services for people with good food, the chef career is the right answer. With the boom in hotel industry, a lot of hot opportunities are now up for grabs for trained and experienced chefs. Chef is a French term and is referred to professional cooks.