Poultry farming


For people with limited capital and desirous of setting up organized business ventures of their own, poultry farming is probably the best career choice.

Poultry farming is the breeding of domestic birds like chickens, ducks and turkeys and eggs to meet for lunch. In ancient times, the poultry farmers wife was throwing some food to the chickens wandering loose in the yard. She found the eggs, which could be brought rotten arrival. Poultry Agriculture in India was primarily a business tribunal in 1960. Native chickens were the most affected. Their productivity is about 60-70 eggs per hen per year. Over the past three decades the scene of poultry in the country has changed dramatically. Today agriculture poultry has become an organized industry and it plays an important role in the fight against malnutrition and poverty among the rural masses of our country. The importance of the poultry sector to solve the problems of unemployment and underemployment has been designed by the planners and staff development programs. Among the vocations poultry farm requires an investment and only added about the same time in promoting secure the prompt return. Agriculture today Poultry is big business. Each step is performed by someone who knows what they do. As the milk producer, who visited the breeder wants the best chicken you can. Profit gaining could mean a chicken meaty, with a less or more fat, or one that puts more eggs or eggs more often. The farmer can hire veterinarians or scientists to help choose the features you want in your chickens. The breeders are known for their chicken and types from being copied. Poultry specialist can make a career mainly in research, education, business, government and the public and the poultry industry.

Typical work in a poultry farm involves various tasks related to:-

1) Management of the Farm.

2) Breeding and rearing Chicks.

3) Preventing, diagnosing and controlling disease.

4) Feed formulation and analysis.

5) Administration and Personnel Management.

6) Marketing.

7) Finance.

Over the last many years, the Indian poultry farming industry has been growing steadily with an annual growth rate of 20%. The present worth of Indias poultry industry is more than Rs.70, 000 million. The industry is also a source of bread and butter to over 700,000 people.

A Number of factors have helped this industry flourish. Significant among them are:-

1) Growing demand for a low priced source of protein-rich nutrients, provided by eggs and chickens.

2) Low maintenance cost and minimum space requirements.

3) Chickens adapt easily to almost any condition and profits are quite high.

The whole concept of Poultry farming during the last two

decades or so has undergone a sea change. The poultry industry has now emerged as a highly structured and market-oriented enterprise. Names of famous firms like Venkateshwara hatcheries and Al Kabeer etc. are nowadays doing the rounds of elite food markets all-around the world.