Forestry and Wild Life


Forestry is one of the most sought after career options available for candidates who have the zeal to study about wildlife and natural resources. The study of Forestry involves protection of forests and farming of trees to ensure contributing timber supply. The courses in forestry are generally offered at undergraduate and postgraduate level by several agricultural universities located at different parts of the country. There are enormous career opportunities in this field as the government is introducing various schemes and projects for the conservation of forests and natural resources. Researchers, educationists, extension workers and management officers work as a team of senior forestry officials to protect the forests in our country.

A person who has completed a professional qualification in forestry and is appointed in any such activities related to forests is known Forester. Foresters are responsible for the management of forest resources through the use of biological techniques. Their main interest lies in the preservation and utilization of its resources. Forests are important natural resources as these are the dwelling places for wild animals and tribes. The forests also provide various valuable materials for livelihood. Forests have also the importance in controlling aridity of our planet.